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Q1 Is MultiWaveResearch a company?

MultiWaveResearch is not a commercial company but a private initiative of engineers with similar interests that deploys activities for educational purpose only.

Q2 Does MultiWaveResearch produces multiple wave oscillator’s?

MultiWaveResearch does not produce nor sell multiple wave oscillator’s. It is our intention to distribute detailed information on how the original multiple wave oscillator worked.

Q3 Does MultiWaveResearch have any relationship with manufacturers of multiple wave oscillators?

MultiWaveResearch has no relationship with manufacturers of multiple wave oscillators.

Q4 Does MultiWaveResearch encourage you to build a multiple wave oscillator?

MultiWaveResearch does not encourage you to build a multiple wave oscillator, the information is only to reveal how the original Lakhovsky multiple wave oscillator works. Building a multiple wave oscillator is your own responsibility.

Q5 Does MultiWaveResearch encourage you to use a multiple wave oscillator?

MultiWaveResearch does not encourage you to use a multiple wave oscillator. Using a multiple wave oscillator is your own responsibility.

Q6 Are there original C.O.L.Y.S.A. multiple wave oscillator’s for sale?

As far as we know, there are no original C.O.L.Y.S.A. multiple wave oscillator’s for sale. There are only a handful units still existing around the globe.

Q7 How many original C.O.L.Y.S.A. multiple wave oscillator’s are there produced in the pre-War period?

As far as we know, there were 54 Lakhovsky machines produced in France.

Q8 Are there multiple wave oscillator’s produced by C.O.L.Y.S.A. after 1940?

There is one multiple wave oscillator produced after 1940. Just one multiple wave oscillator was rebuilt between 1940 and 1958 for the surgeon Richant. No other multiple wave oscillator where produced after the death of George Lakhovsky.

Q9 I want to buy Lakhovsky bracelets and multiple wave oscillator from the C.O.L.Y.S.A. factory but I cannot find any contact information?

The C.O.L.Y.S.A. factory was closed down and sold a few years after the succession trial which lasted to 1993. So the original company does not exists anymore today.

Q10 Does a multiple wave oscillator makes electromagnetic Interference?

Yes, multiple wave oscillators make electromagnetic Interference. This means that household products like radio, television, computers and others within a certain range are disturbed in their operation and in the worst case can be destroyed. As it may happen with whatever source of strong electromagnetic fields, pacemakers and other medical devices can be disturbed or damaged, with serious consequences.

Q11 Is there high voltage involved in the G.Lakhovsky multiple wave oscillator?

Yes there is a high frequency, high AC voltage at the antennas. Touching the antennas is a potential risk for serious damage, it can shock you and burn you. Electricity deserves your proper respect and requires for safety precautions. This type of voltage reverses direction. This can cause your heart to shift its regular beating pattern in a condition known as ventricular fibrillation. If this happens, your heart muscles causes blood to stop pumping. Cutting the power might not help since your heart might not be able to find its proper rhythm.

Q12 I would like to get experience with the Lakhovsky Oscillating Circuits (bracelets, belts, necklaces).

Lakhovsky coils can easily constructed by yourself even if you have no technical background. This is the reason we have added a section about this wonderful invention. See the section “Oscillating Circuits” which contains all information how to construct and use, including original document from the former C.O.L.Y.S.A. factory.

Q13 Is the Radio Cellular Oscillator (RCO) the same as the Multiple Wave Oscillator (MWO)?

It is noted that in published documents according different sources, a confusion exists between RCO and multiple wave oscillator. The RCO and multiple wave oscillator are two different machines. The RCO produces a single wave while the multiple wave oscillator produces multiple waves. 

Q14 What happened to Radio Cellular Oscillator (RCO) after the invention of MWO?

George Lakhovsky used the RCO, which is a tunable oscillator generating a single wave, in his famous experiments with geraniums and published the results in his books. RCO was used for therapy in a first period, but the results were sometimes bad, so, after the birth of MWO the RCO was set aside. However, when Serge Lakhovsky returned to Europe in 1962, he hired an engineer, L. Gineberg, who designed a new version of the RCO with the purpose of producing and selling it.

Q15 We read about experiments done with the Lakhovsky multiple wave oscillator in France and in the US. When did this all happen?

Many experiments has been done between 1920 and 1958, first in France, until 1940 in various hospitals in Paris, later in the US, from 1940 to 1958 in the Chicago Presbyterian Hospital where 20.000 people has been treated with success under the responsibility of Dr. Disraeli Kobak, who was Roosevelt’s personal Doctor.

Source: Georges-Louis Portes, Dr. Thesis  1984 presented at “Salpétrière”, Aspect Médicale des Expériences de Lakhovsky


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