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Welcome to our videos page. This is the place where you can find video’s of original Georges Lakhovsky equipment. The videos can also be found on YouTube. Do not forget to put your audio on. Please disregard the URL put in overlay at the bottom of each video: it was of our old website, no longer valid!

 Original Multiple Wave Oscillator in action

The MWO shown in the first three videos below is one of the machines we discovered in Italy. This MWO was owned and used for many years by Dr. Boris H. Vassileff and he published the medical results obtained with this machine. The MWO has been reverse engineered and deeply analyzed by qualified radio engineers. All our results are reported in our eBook The Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator Secrets Revealed. The eBook is very technical, however it contains also much practical information about results of experiments, the original “User manual” and others. An in dept technical description for a compliant Lakhovsky multiple wave oscillator is given.

Part 1: Introduction to the Multiple Wave oscillator

Part 2:  Multiple Wave oscillator in operation

In this video a copper bar is used to check the voltage at the antennas. The copper bar is approached to the antenna rings until a spark is drawn. The distance between the bar and the antennas can then be used to calculate the voltage. The voltage at the receiver antenna is 180 degrees out of phase with the transmitter antenna. However, please note that the length of the sparks also depends on the front panel controls and the antennas spacing. In this way the electric field between the antennas can be calculated. Another purpose of this video is to show what kind of sparks the original multiple wave oscillator can produce. If you carefully look you can see that the intensity is not equal along the spark.

Influence of the quality of the ground

The following video shows the influence of the quality of the ground connection on the energy transfer. You will see a short video where the electrostatic field can be seen in the time domain. The energy which reflects several times between both receiving and transmitting antenna will be damped and reduced in amount of reflections if the ground impedance (inductance, in this case) is too high.

Original Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator in action

The multiple wave oscillator shown in next two videos is the oldest machines we discovered in Italy. This MWO was owned and used for many years by Dr. Boris Vassileff. The unit has been recovered and restored. This video shows also the measurement tool used to measure the static voltage at the antenna and shows how to use the spiral electrode in the appropriate way.

Original Lakhovsky MWO in high power mode

This is the first time (ever) that a video recording of an original Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator operated in high power mode has been done. Peculiar “Effluvia” from the antennas is visible . Photo pictures exists of this power mode taken in the period 1930-1940 but never a video was shot before. The original Lakhovsky MWO that is used for this video was once used by Doctor Boris Vassileff.

Original Lakhovsky MWO in action

A recent recording by Mirko Kulig made while visiting Bruno Sacco who owns an original multiple wave oscillator of Lakhovsky found in 2009 by the niece of Boris Vassileff, a doctor who had 3 medical practices in which he used the Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillators.


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